Floor Maintenance Costs and Safety Risksa

Floor Maintenance Costs and Safety Risks

Maintaining a floor is really a tough proposition for any facility manager. Remember one thing anything that the shoes of your walk-ins have been exposed to will surely enter the floor premises that you are managing. Rain, mud, sand, and dust just anything that is on the soles of the shoes will enter your floor. You cannot stop it, it has to be cleaned and managed under any circumstances.

The cost of cleaning is always high

We actually cannot comment upon the costs involved in India, but according to an international study, the cost of cleaning a floor is always on the higher side.

“According to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), as few as 1,000 people can track in 24 pounds of dirt over a 20-day period, at an estimated cleanup cost of $600 per pound. Why such a steep price tag? Professional cleaning associations say that labor alone accounts for 90% of building maintenance costs.”


Although when compared to international peers the labor cost is on the lower side in India, still its something which cannot be ignored. India or abroad, cleaning a floor or maintaining its cleanliness is always a tough nut to crack. It becomes even tougher in India because we have more dusty roads and the dirty area from where every person has to commute every day.

Fun Fact: Entrance mats are the standard line of defense at the front door. But there’s a catch. ISSA estimates that only 30% of dirt is trapped in the first three feet of the mat and that it takes 15 feet of walk-off to capture 85% of the mess and keep it from reaching the floor. Even with an exterior scraper mat, you still need enough coverage inside the door for people to take at least six steps.

Let this be a protip which we found out while researching for this blog post. Remember your front door mat should be big enough to cover the entrance and should enter at least 12 feet inside in Indian Scenario to effectively stop the dirt from coming inside the floor.

Remember, this is just a preventive measure, dirt will still enter your floor.

Let’s say your entrance requires 60 square feet of coverage. That makes the ideal floor mat a single 6′ x 10′. But if you’re using standard 3′ x 5′ carpeted mats, you’ll need to piece four of them together to create adequate coverage. This fragmented approach is not only ineffective at keeping your floor clean, it guarantees that the mats will move out of position, creating gaps and overlaps that become dangerous tripping hazards.

So, what we learn from this is the fact that we as floor managers have to hunt in the market for getting a custom cut floor dirt mat. Going for multiple pieces to make one big mat is highly ineffective in meeting the goal. Also as mentioned it also poses a risk of tripping also. Not a good idea anyway, also chances of dirt getting trapped below the mats is also a big concern.

Grippy Carpeted Entrance Mat, available in a variety of rich colors and textures, makes a great first impression— even in upscale environments. The mat rolls out to the exact length you need and can be cut to fit for customized, continuous coverage with no gaps or overlaps. The proprietary adhesive backing keeps the mat firmly in place while it’s in service, but peels up easily without leaving residue when it’s time to replace it.

They are cheap to use also and come in many colors.

Hope our blog post added some value for our readers.

Source: Facility Execute, CLR Research Team

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