Facility Management : The Present Scenario For Health Care

Facility Management : The Present Scenario For Health Care

Facility management and health care? Yes why not. Hospitals, clinics and even therapeutic setups like spa and regional health centers need professional facility management. There is a great demand for agencies that can handle the facility management duties of a healthcare setup. There are some very strong reasons for that too. Last year we had covered the IFM guidelines for Indian health care set-ups in detail. But that was more of a technical guideline than a holistic one. Given the present scenario we need to focus more on a wider angle here. 

Running a hospital or clinic is already an expensive proposition. The fact is that there is not much of a cost-cutting that can be done here. Reason for that is the nature of services that are provided here. You cannot cut down on disinfection of a hospital! Presently the world is suffering a dreaded menace called Covid-19. 

Covid-19 Had Us Thinking!

At our office, the recent Covid-19 outbreak had us thinking. Are we or for that matter the facility management teams at hospitals equipped enough to handle such emergencies along with day to day to work. If not what we could do to be prepared for such events. As of now, there is a manual for managing hospital and healthcare facilities. It’s like a daily chore to do this. For OT this has to be done for lobby this has to be done. 

Till now that seemed to be ok. Here is the list of things to be done, let’s get it done with perfection and everything is fine. However, new challenges have emerged now. Till now sanitizing the indoor air was not a priority for an IFM agency. Things would wind up at the cleaning HVAC. Now that’s not sufficient. Maintaining IAQ is a big concern. That needs to be addressed. Well, that’s just one angle of it. There is more to it. No doubt disinfection has taken a whole new level now, but things like kitchen sanitation and lobby level sanitization also have to be looked into. 

From parking management to managing emergency assets all needs to be given a new thought. Basically what we are suggesting is that we the IFM agencies need to create our own operations manual here and share it with our healthcare clients. Unless this is done, justice to the service delivery cannot be achieved.

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