Facility management services facilitating the clean up of India’s mess

Facility management services facilitating the clean up of India’s mess

India is currently in an extremely precarious situation right now when it comes to dealing with the garbage mess that is submerging the small to medium cities and metropolises. The incidents that caught major attention were landfills which caught huge fire in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Mass protests against solid waste dumping have escalated the tension and sanitary waste management issues have also become major matters of concern.

Cities and their current condition of wastes :

Delhi, the producer of 10,000 metric tonnes of garbage per day, is facing a huge crisis for space to dump the garbage. East Delhi’s Ghazipur garbage dump has reached lofty heights of stinkiness being 65 meters tall whereas there have been reports of fire breakout at Mumbai’s Deonar landfill site. The gigantic Dhapa dumping ground of Kolkata is witnessing thick black smoke billowing from it, rendering the pollution levels maximum. The Okhla landfill is also a breeding ground of toxic smoke whereas the urban village of Bhalswa in the north of the capital city has seen raging fires caused by inflammable poisonous gases.

Various municipalities and corporations belonging to states like Tamil Nadu and cities like Cuttack, Gurugram, etc. are intent on implementing solid measures to tackle the growing problem of domestic waste management and disposal. The plastic threat is already being taken care of with utmost expertise in places like Mumbai, Amritsar, Hyderabad, etc. whereas the city of Bengaluru pushed its limits by declaring the procedure of collecting medical and sanitary wastes separately. 

After China, the US, Japan, and Germany, India is the world’s fifth-largest producer of E-waste without having any proper monitoring mechanisms and countermeasures to tackle this impending menace.

Concept of the circular economy :

The current industrial model can be defined as a take-make-waste extractive model. The focus has to shift beyond it to positive benefits for the society and this will also reshape the industrial growth. This kind of economy is called a circular economy which necessarily involves the gradual disengagement of economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system.

How Facility Management services can aid in relieving the national woes :

Facility management is a crucial factor which can successfully shift the commercial and industrial sectors closer to make the circular economy a reality. Facility managers can influence people more than the local and governmental bodies because of their renown of providing the perfect solutions. 

Facility managers are endowed with established and well oiled on-site systems that can take care of the recycling of wastes. They need to understand the management of waste streams, ensure the proper designation and disposal of waste by initiating the concept of waste as a resource. Sound knowledge of the type and volume of waste being generated would help rethink the entire procedure from the procurement of waste to its disposal. 

With the advent of modern technology, greater reuse and avoidance of excess waste as possible. Adopting the latest technology like IoT, AI and robotics can increase efficiency by introducing smart bins, smart trucks, robotic sorting, mobile applications, and other data analytical tools. This will allow the facility management professionals to identify, track, manage and optimize waste and increase the recycling, reusability, and reduction of wastes.

Since consumption and growth drive the market economy, it is essential to understand and regulate consumption in order to control the production of wastes. 

Amidst this national crisis involving waste management, facility managers can make their worth felt by implementing seamless management of wastes through the adoption of the circular economy. The execution of smart moves in waste procurement to disposal techniques is the need of the hour and facility management services are capable enough to do that. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for facility management services to provide the requisite solutions in the recycling and reduction model of the waste management industry. 

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