Energy efficiency : Why IFM Companies Need To Focus On It

Energy efficiency : Why IFM Companies Need To Focus On It

The driving factor that is currently creating waves inside the educated and concerned masses all over the world is global climate change. Global climate change is a major issue, one which we, the people, have neglected by far for a long time and hence are reaping the returns in the form of Global Warming, natural catastrophes in the form of Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and the like. 

The global climatic change has raised a lot of voices of concern as well as caused furors in a variety of sections of the public. These people are tensed about the future and the pertinent climatic condition that the next generations are going to inherit from the present ones. 


Energy crisis :

One of the primary causes of the climatic disruption and the associated calamities are inefficient as well as improper usages of the conventional sources of energy that have been provided to humanity since time immemorial.

Since the inception of the earth, it has been a vast reserve of energy in the form of fossil fuels and other forms of non-renewable and conventional sources of energy. 

As the planet became habitable for the evolved human to survive and thrive and procreate, the energy depletion started. But with the advancement of technology and the tryst to take forward the human race, people have been using up a huge amount of the conventional forms of energy reserve that the earth possesses.

These forms of energy being non-renewable and non-recyclable, are causing devastating effects on the climate. One of those is the continual rise in the global temperature by about 2 degrees annually and a steady increase in this manner would cause polar ice-caps to melt and drown entire cities and civilizations. 


Measures to combat the energy crisis :


Relevant research in the field by eminent researchers suggest that if the energy reserve of conventional and non-recyclable forms could be used more efficiently, it would cause a huge benefit to the earth’s climatic conditions. Not only would it reduce the rate of annual global temperature rise, but it would also help to restore the natural flora and fauna which are gradually on the verge of extinction or are already endangered.

This would also help in the upheaval of the lifestyle of humans in a more sustainable fashion, whereby they enjoy the fruits of sustainable energy development and its maintenance in the most effective ways possible.

The different notions of combating the ongoing energy crisis is heavily flawed and under-analyzed or more aptly stated, not analyzed properly.

Generally, the energy emissions and energy wastage that environmentalists and scientists are concerned about range from vehicular emissions to wastage from different household appliances and even energy wastage in industries. In industries, the energy utilized might also give rise to a variety of byproducts that are detrimental to the state of the environment or the ecological condition and its components.

Instead, the environmentalists and the specialists who are invested in studying the energy crisis and its environmental impact should think about :


  • Astutely connecting, combining and synchronizing fewer and simpler technologies to thrive on and sustain the lifestyles 
  • Analyzing whole units like the buildings and vehicles instead of their constituent parts that cause pollution and environmental decadence


This steps, if taken would :


  • Reduce environmental damage by reducing pollution and non-renewable energy emissions
  • Help in sustainable energy usage, minimizing environmental impacts
  • Reduce the costs of energy usage
  • Confirm a longer and harmonious life of the planet coupled with its inhabitants, flora, and fauna.


Therefore modern energy resources, which are non-conventional, like wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy and even conventional, yet recyclable energy resources like geothermal energy and hydel power; should be involved more efficiently to solve the energy demand and negate the environmental damage.

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