Elements of Elevator Maintenance and Role of an IFM company in promoting Elevator Safety

Elevators are more commonly known as lifts in our country. As the real estate of the nation is developing so is the need of having powerful elevators. There is really nothing which can surpass the convenience that an elevator provides in a high rise building. Although elevators are pretty sturdy elements of infrastructure still they do require regular maintenance. In fact in western countries and for that matter in most of the developed nations elevator maintenance is part of the security protocol of the building and is not a standalone service.

Monitoring Systems
Monitoring systems are the devices which are installed in the cab of the elevator, their primary function is to provide the occupants of the cab with security. They can be a simple mirror placed outside the elevator door or it can be a more sophisticated CCTV camera monitoring every movement inside the elevator. Two-way intercoms are a part of this system. It is vital for IFM staff to maintain the monitoring systems properly because its this system which saves the lives of people during an emergency.

Access Control Systems
These systems are meant to control the use of the elevator by the occupants of the building. There are many reasons why a commercial building would want to do this. This is the feature which can allow for the building managers to restrict access of visitors to the official areas of the building. The control is maintained by issuing specific coded cards to the occupants of the building. The cards will only allow the cab of the elevator to reach a specific floor and come back to the ground floor. Maintaining this system is also one of the key priority areas of the IFM staff.

Communications Systems
The biggest problem with an elevator system is the stuck passengers the cab. That’s why every elevator nowadays is equipped with state of the art communication system. Most of the modern system have modems and data link which directly alerts the maintenance staff in case of failure. However, the role of a good IFM staff is to avoid the occurrence of such breakdown as being stuck in an elevator is never a pleasant experience to have.

Fire Emergency Systems
In the modern technology-enabled world, there are almost nil cases of a building fire starting in an elevator. It just doesn’t happen, however, elevators are prone to damage from a fire that has its origin in some other part of the building. Elevators are designed to resist high temperature and fire till the time occupants are safely out of the building. However, elevators need regular checks and maintenance in order to preserve their fire resistant nature. This is where the role of a good IFM staff becomes vital. Its a matter of life and death after all.  

Special Emergency Service
Modern elevators are real engineering marvels. They have so many safety features embedded in them. One of these features is the special emergency service feature which enables the occupants of the cab to safely exit in case of a fire. In this system, the elevator is connected to the fire alarm system of the building. In case of fire, the elevator knows the origin of the fire and takes its occupants to the floor with a safe fire exit. Maintaining this system requires constant monitoring by the IFM staff, this is a crucial safety service and should always be maintained by the professionals.

Emergency Power Systems
Elevators run on power and require a flawless and seamless power supply to keep running. However, as every one of us knows that in India the power supply is erratic and one needs to have a power backup system for almost everything. Elevators are also no exception to this rule. Maintaining the emergency power supply of the elevator also comes under the purview of building maintenance and has to be dealt with professional IFM team.

The above-mentioned pointers are sufficient to highlight the importance of elevator maintenance and what probable role an IFM would play in promoting elevator safety. We hope you liked our blog post. Please stay tuned for more such informative blog posts in the future.

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  1. My workplace is getting a new elevator installed and upgrading the old ones, and I think that the fire emergency and communication systems are major parts of what is being upgraded. As you said, modern elevators all have communication systems put in and have a direct data link to maintenance, but ours are pretty old systems and I doubt that they actually have a wireless connection. It’s great to know that modern elevators are fire resistant, as well, and I’ll be pretty excited to see how the modern systems look compared to the old ones.

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