Challenges that Facility Management Professionals face?

Challenges that Facility Management Professionals face?

Facilities management that too on a professional level is full of challenges. Providing a flawless service has many moving parts and there are obstacles which at times feels almost impossible to overcome. Well, today we are going to discuss the top 5 challenges that are faced by facility teams the country over.

  1. Cost control
    We are under constant pressure to give the max in the least budget possible. This really makes life tough for us. Being professional housekeeping services and facility management providers we cannot provide our clients with a shabby service just because of budget pressures. Following are the measures which we as professionals are bound to take in order to manage things in this end.
  • Considering all types of costs when preparing budget estimates: fixed, variable, direct and indirect;
  • Tracking inventory;
  • Selecting the best teams to carry out the projects;
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers;
  • Keeping a regular track of maintenance costs and financial information;
  • Considering some technological investments as value for money.
  1. Team Coordination
    Managing facilities and housekeeping is a phenomenon which has many moving parts. In order to keep things moving in the right direction, it is crucial to develop a strategy and workplace practices which have complete focus on inter-team coordination. The best way to do this to have a technological solution in place which would enable the entire team to be on the same platform. A simple method which has helped many housekeeping services providers across the world is to use a digital calendar like Google calendar to keep things manageable.
  2. Handling Stress and Failures
    Facilities management is a human-driven industry, and they say to err is human. Failures and errors in such fast moving work environment are natural, the beauty lies in handling and correcting those errors. This creates a lot of stress on the systems and process, something which we have to consider anyways. This is what makes a professional IFM company.
  3. Aging Equipment
    As the building ages so do everything inside it. This is also a big challenge for housekeeping services and facilities staff dealing with such buildings. We cannot change everything in the building, hence managing things with innovation is the only solution we have.
  4. Time management
    Time is a commodity that we have to manage. It is perhaps the biggest challenge in the life of a facilities manager. Everyone has the same amount of time and to make the most out of it is an art. Using the practices and protocol that provide the most efficient use of time is a challenge that the entire industry faces.


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