Building Information Modeling – Various Levels, Usage & Role in FM

Building Information modeling has become a hot property in the field of Real Estate and considered as a game changer.  But there are more advanced applications & usage with BIM. With the help of BIM, people are now keeping building designs, layouts & complete architecture into a digital format. This digitalization plays a crucial role in complete building lifecycle.

Understand BIM

BIM is a process which allows the generation & complete management of building characteristics in a digital & more organized way. Building information models are the digital files which can be used to making vital decision-making process. There are various BIM software in the market and widely used by individuals, big constructions companies, architects & government agencies as well. This BIM information is used for planning, designing, construction, building operation & maintenance. BIM is used in various type of infrastructures like water, wastewater, gas pipelines, electrical power lines, roads, bridges, apartments, schools, corporate parks, factories & warehouses as well.

Various Maturity Levels of BIM

All the BIM levels have different definitions & applications and their maturity level depends on the integration 3D BIM model.

BIM Level 0 – This is the most basic CAD usage with a paper plan in the construction phase. They do not have in-depth digital data with them.

BIM Level 1 –  This level consists of both 2D & 3D models with more data complexity but still, this level doesn’t have collaborative data because each team member can have their own model with specific data according to their requirement.

BIM Level 2 – This is the advanced stage from level 1. This model combined the data of level 1 and prepares a collaborative data which can be used for general & broader decision making steps. This level may include construction phase & relevant cost as well. This model is currently the most common one & widely used around the world.

BIM Level 3 – This is the peak of the current BIM technology, this level provides complete & detailed data about the entire project with current information & predictive data as well for future actions. This level allows the data sets of different variations to be used for the more collective decision-making process. This level is the major source of FM companies for better management & planning of maintenance schedule with the help of better visualization.

BIM Level 4 – It would be the future level of BIM and it is undefined yet. This level will be used for proving better user experience and social impacts with the help of advanced data analysis.

Current Usage of BIM – To fill up the gap between the maintenance services & the actual requirements, BIM is the right solution. Still, the majority of the industry is still using level 1 & level 2. To get the full advantage of this amazing technology one must fast speed the implementation of the advanced level. This technology is one of the widely used by Facility Management Companies for a better decision-making process and to apply the preventive maintenance process incomplete building management life cycle.

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