Budgeting Tips for Facility Manager

The major responsibilities of any facility manager in an organization or a business setting include ensuring that the facilities in the organization are operating as they should- effectively and efficiently, formulating plans for the future to help the origination run smoothly and creating plans for replacements and repairs in the organization.
All of these responsibilities requires careful planning and foresight. But however, formulating plans for the future requires even more care. This is because it entails a lot of other things and could affect the productivity of the organization.
Here are a few tips to make a core part of future planning (budgeting) easier and more effective.

  1. Plan and make decisions
    As much as you may want to consider some things and probably even make decision making unanimous, you have to help each department reach that peak separately. How? Make a plan with each department and finalize things with each of them such that each person can state convincingly why it needs a particular portion of the budget and what it wants to do with it. This will help you to reach a conclusion easily rather than been involved in tugs.
  2. Do Adequate Research
    When departments tell you what they need or convince you of the size of the budget they need. Do your own research.  As a facility manager, treat them as a business and help them to find a way around things. How will their level of productivity increase and will it be affected by the budget? Take note of what they really need and things that will affect them.
  3. Convince reasonably
    From facts and research you have created the budget, but of course, you do have the final say. Therefore when it’s time to present it for approval. Be ready to convince reasonably. As a facility manager who has made a budget based on needs, you already know underfunding may affect negatively. Therefore, it is on you to push forward a problem you are trying to solve, how it will be and how the budget comes in. With adequate research, this should not be hard.
  4. Discuss!
    If you are still looking to convince the executives then another tip to budgeting is the discussion. Do not be the only one doing the talking, ask them questions and let their replies lead the conversation forward. From their answers, you can even convince more easily.
  5. Know the importance of maintenance
    As a facility manager, your responsibility includes ensuring things run smoothly. For this, maintenance is important! You don’t have to go all out to do this, but be sure to create a budget that accommodates maintenance. The trick is to replace worn out and maintain the old ones. With this, you wouldn’t have a too big budget asking for a particular thing at several intervals. The importance of maintenance cannot be overemphasized, let others know this!

Budgeting comes naturally with the work of a facility manager, but tips and tricks are needed for him to draw out one, finalize and present it for approval.  

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