Boost your wellness- Designs and structures for encouraging movement

Boost your wellness- Designs and structures for encouraging movement

Since sitting for long hours has become extremely dangerous to health, a minimum movement has become an absolute necessity even for people indulged in a sedentary lifestyle. The maximum amount of time we spend in the office is in a seated position, thanks to our traditional lifestyles. Though it is important to create plausible opportunities of movement for those who sit and work all day, it has been proven that the inactive nature of work culture doesn’t add to the prosperity of the concern. Research shows that being seated for over 8 hours in a day along with no workout can lead to a higher mortality rate than obesity or smoking.

Designs to build a healthy workforce

All over the world, many people miss office hours due to musculoskeletal problems. Many companies are opting for ergonomic infrastructure but going for more healthy opportunities is definitely more fruitful.

Creating community spaces is the first step

There can be a broad range of strategies from high end to budget-friendly ways. In overpopulated countries like India, improving ergonomics in the workplace can be a time consuming and taxing affair. For example, lobby areas or open spaces catering to healthy refreshments will give the employees to move their body. Also, these areas are a plausible way to socialise. This, in turn, can help in improving the mental health and overall well-being of the building occupants. In low-end business firms, canteen or pantry for staff members can also have a similar positive effect. Amidst these arrangements, you can never miss out the importance of your office decor; natural images, bright colours and patterns can serve a lot in motivating people to move as opposed to musty and dingy work front. 

Staircases and the motivation to use them

You can’t have drab staircases in your office and expect your employees to use them. Music, fun and bright colours- all these will definitely encourage everyone to climb up the stairs. If there are no budget constraints, having spiral artwork centring the stair will give your office a fresh breath of air. It will surely boost traffic and keep your people moving rather than waiting hopelessly before the elevator. It goes without saying that climbing up the stairs offers a host of health benefits: from rising aerobic fitness to improved circulation to gaining bone density and most importantly, losing those extra kilos. If possible, keeping a central staircase that’s visible from all corners can be a reminder to use the stairs and can hardly be ignored. But it has to be remembered that individuals have varying physiological requirements and some people can be totally unfit to use the stairs.

Various factors to improve your interior decor

The options when creating an active workstation are endless and small changes can lead to big results. For instance, installing sit-stand desks can reduce the chances of obesity while boosting cardiovascular health. When we sit on a chair all through our working hours, our ball and socket joints like the ones in hip and knee hardly get a chance to have a full range of motion. Sit-stand desks can be a saviour in such conditions: offering a greater range of motion. If the work type permits, then installing dynamic workstation like cycling desks or even a treadmill can be a brilliant option. You can start with having one or two such stations in your office and people, in turn, can use them for increasing movement.

If you have made up your mind to boost the work culture along with the health of your employees, you will now need a proper plan and strategy. In a country like India, you can find hordes of cost-effective options, to begin with. This will have an improved experience of the occupants,  thereby surging your profit margin 

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