Bio-metric security system and IFM

Bio-metric security system and IFM

Biometrics is an advanced technology used for authentication purpose. It is based on biological factors and information assurance for this.

It is required when the secure entry or any data access is required with the help of human biological information for eg.retina etc.

The major demand of biometric is for the security purpose.

The major difference between the biometric security system and other systems:

Other security systems use Id cards or uniquely generated number to resemble an individual. But it may be possible that the card and that number can be misused by someone else.

But in the case of a biometric system the person needs to be present physically for the verification because it uses the eye retina, thumb impression for this purpose and that can be own by and authenticate the user only.

Biometric verification is used as a username-password to give an access right to an authentic user only because it is impossible to copy someone’s username based on biological characters.

Components of a Biometric System:

Sensor: It is used to capture the data. That data can be any physical characteristic of a human such a fingerprint scan etc. Once it is read by the sensor then it is converted into digital form.

After converting it into digital form a template is formed.

Then this template is compared with the data that is already stored in the storage system. Only if the template matches the data then the person is considered as an authentic user.

The quality of information captured by sensors is very essential to maintain as they are so much advance that it analyze or scan the skin very precisely to collect unique and correct information about the user.

They are smart enough to resist the information form environmental effects such as dirt or finger contamination.

Its detection ensures that the data is captured from a biological characteristic of living being not from its artificial copy.

It provides the high-speed performance to its users.

Biometric system is helping to create a secure platform for data storage. A huge amount of data is available in the offices about the project developed, client information, all these need a proper security system so that only authentic employee and authority can access it.

When we talk about the old traditional offices then there were no such arrangements were done to secure the data.

But today the scenario is different, everything is getting change with respect to the current needs of the modern era.

The workplace is no longer the same as the previous one.

It is becoming digital.

Nowadays every global organization is using a digital workplace.

What is the Digital Workplace?

It can be defined as the combination of an intranet with other connected enterprise software systems.

It offers the facility to employees of an organization to use digital and smart tools within or outside the smart building for delivering quality output.

Digital workplace is a customized and personalized collection of smart devices. It is giving a smart platform for the interaction of people, tools and organization.

Digital workplace is a kind of virtual environment that is similar to a physical workplace.

It is offering a digital experience of working to employees.

Why workplace should be secure with biometric systems?

It’s time for a change because technology is changing day by day and to fulfill customers demand it is necessary to adopt changes according to the changing world.

pillars of a digital working place are:


Sensors and actuators are the building block of smart buildings.

It senses the real-time data and acts according to the current requirements and authenticates the correct user.

Big data analysis:

In today’s world, a huge amount of data is generated day by day. It is necessary to use efficient tools and technology to analyze and store that data and it is the responsibility of an organization to keep that data at a safe place, for the same the biometric systems can be used.

Biometric systems are on rapid demand by the facility providers or other users as it provides ease of use and great security.

Yes, it can be expensive to set up a biometric system initially but once it is deployed the effects can be seen clearly and all the valuable data will get secured form the false access.

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