BIM Myths That Everyone Should Know!

India is yet to open its doors to the concept of BIM or better known as building information modeling. Its a very scientific concept and can really boost the efficiency of the entire building. It is a great model for IFM companies like us too. The reason being it helps us plan things better. With a BIM-based building, there is no guesswork involved. The planning from IFM point of view becomes flawless and the client gets a superior service experience.

Our readers might be wondering that why are we blogging about BIM when it is in a nascent stage in India. Well, the upfront straight to the face reason for it is that our country is full of rumors and myths. There are certain elements of misinformation floating around in the Indian markets that really need to be addressed as they are hampering the growth of BIM in India.

So here are the top 8 myths surrounding the BIM that needs to be busted.

Its just a 3D modeling program
Yes, 3D modeling is the backbone of BIM, but implying that its the only thing that goes into it is just childish and an uneducated guess. Having said that we would like our readers to know that 3D modeling in BIM is just a small piece of a bigger puzzle. The word modeling in BIM is not limited to the visual indicators but is the part of an entire army of data sets and analytics science that go with it. Here the visual data works in synergy with the non-visual data. In fact, the entire BIM works on a common data environment.  

It has no long-term positive impact
A lot of BIM haters preach that BIM has no long-term positive impact on the productivity of the building. That is just plain and blatant lies. Its just putting friction in the evolution. It is a known fact that whenever a new technology is introduced people are bound to resist it. This has happened initially with every commercial technology that the planet has witnessed. It is the same resistance that the BIM is facing now. Truth be told once people understand the software and the environment and understand the fact that just like any other smart technology BIM also needs data to be fed in regularly in order to provide meaningful assistance, rest everything becomes a breeze. In the long run, BIM provides a positive impact which is unmatched by any other tool in use presently

It is Expensive
Cost is actually a misnomer when it comes to switching to new technology. Yes like anything new shifting to BIM will also have cost implications. But like every good business house, one should see it in terms of ROI rather than rejecting the concept entirely just because it is expensive. Every investment that a businessman makes is on basis of the benefits that he would derive from his investment. In the long run getting yourself a BIM will definitely be a profitable deal.

It is only for BIG Organizations
No this is not the case, BIM is a smart modeling technology and can be used for buildings of any size. The source of this myth is the fact that using BIM for big companies is very well documented and case studies are readily available. This does not mean the smaller companies are not embracing the technology. The fact is that BIM has universal applicability and is being used like that.

BIM Is a passing Construction Trend
We don’t think so that BIM is just a trend which will pass. It is a complete system with long-term utility. It can be used in multiple scenarios and it really boosts the efficiency of the building.

BIM Only Benefits the Designers and Contractors
What? From where did people get this notion. We are neither into designing of buildings nor constructing them still here we are being a big advocate of the technology. It helps the IFM industry in a big way. The IFM people really get great help in doing our work. BIM gives us actionable data which we can use to provide the best in class service to our customers.

It’s just a Software
BIM is not just a software, it is a system which has both human assets and digital assets working in tandem to deliver the right business impact. So buffing BIM just as a software is wrong.

BIM Solves Clashes
BIM does not solve clashes but rather allow team members to easily spot and rectify the clashes. BIM tools help resolve problems early and are no substitute for common sense.

We hope that our blog post would have helped our readers in getting a fresh perspective in understanding the concept of BIM. We welcome email queries in case of any doubts.

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