Asked To Work From Home – Here Are Some Tips From Us

In the wake of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people have been forced to work from home. That’s something beyond everyone’s control, as prevention is the only safety we have. Working from home saves you lots of time and commute money, however it has its own set of challenges. The concept of work from home might actually give a weird feeling to many. That’s why we thought we will put up a small blog post about things you should do to be more productive from a work from home environment. 

Here are the things that you should do!

#1 Create A Workspace 

Your home is a place full of distractions. Might sound a bit rude but that’s the truth. One thing that your office had and your home do not is a focused working environment. Well, not quite if you can create a workspace all for yourself. Cutting distractions at home is difficult however by creating a working space it could be minimized. The best place is a room where you can shut the door and work. Make sure that the place is silent and you are not distracted by things that are happening at home. Have a clean desk and proper lighting. Drink lots of water while at work. 

#2 Define Work Time

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is the control that you have over the work schedule. Here you get to focus on productivity with minimal disturbance. However, it is important to create a daily work schedule. The problem is when you are working from home the time to end work gets flawed and you end up putting in more hours at work. This can intermingle with your personal time and can lead to serious health issues and domestic issues. So it’s very important to have a clear time to start and end work. 

#3 Create A Focused Work Time

Put your phone in DND mode, log out of social media and just put your head down and work. This is called focused working. You need to make a schedule for it, it will enhance your work from home productivity. Use this time to work on things that need your undivided focus. 

#4 Use Downtime For Checking On Communication

Whether you are working from home or office. Downtime is a natural phenomenon. We all get tired, however, even this time could be utilized effectively in a work from home scenario. Use this time to check your emails, reply to messages and take a look out of the window. You would feel refreshed and ready to work again. Do this and see your productivity rocket.

#5 Take Proper Breaks

Things can get lazy once you work from home. Make sure that you are taking regular breaks and moving around. This is vital for healthy work from home experience. Don’t be lazy and just move from your workspace to bed/couch and crash. Remember it’s your health because of what you are allowed to work remotely presently. 

#6 Keep Things Tidy

Maintain personal hygiene and keep your home clean. Take care of your climate control systems and other equipment. Living inside a healthy home is vital to fight the current condition. Keeping things tidy also keeps you organized, something that you would need to be productive at such times of distress.

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