Altering the means of cleaning hospital floors

Altering the means of cleaning hospital floors

The importance of health and safety cannot be denied in every industry, the hospital and healthcare industry is the most critical of them. For the facilities functioning within this industry, it is important to keep up the quality standard in cleaning and maintenance. Most hospitals have their own set of housekeepers who are in charge of maintaining day to day cleaning, vacuuming the floors, bathroom, and other rooms. Cleanliness of the kitchen deserves special attention which makes housekeeping one of the top concerns within the industry. 

If you take a look at the procedures and methodologies observed by the hospital industry, you will see a lot of changes in recent times. The introduction of technology in every sector has made all the work much easier and the hospital industry is no exception to this. Think of the situation a few years back when a common sight in the kitchen was that of the sink stacked with plates, bowl, and utensils waiting to be cleaned with spa and sponge. But were they really cleaned? Research reports have shown that those sponges are actually dirtier than commodes and so, there is no reason why it must be allowed in the cleaning purpose. The introduction of dishwashers has been a boon in such a situation but that has not been enough. Now shift your attention towards the cleaning of the floors. Previously they were cleaned with a mop that was drowned in a bucket of water mixed with some disinfectant. Also, the floors of the bathroom were cleaned in a similar manner. Mops need regular maintenance since the fibers get dirty and worn out with time. Cleaning the floors in such a way only regenerates the dirt back on the floor as the mop is soaked in the same water over and over again. 

Technology & Cleaning

But the advent of technology in every sphere of life has made life easier and the healthcare industry in India is reaping its benefits more than ever. Though floors mops are still in use in some places, they are mostly replaced by dedicated floor cleaning machines. Battery integrated floor cleaning machines are suitable for all kinds of floors used across various industries ranging from carpeted ones to the hard wooden floors. These machines not just help in fulfilling the cleaning requirements but also addresses the issue of hygiene in the hospital industry. The problem of slips and falls cannot be ignored particularly when it has a direct correlation with the mop and wet floor. It also leads to a huge number of work injuries and in worst cases, it had also resulted in death. 

So changing the cleaning methods has been considered imperative and it has led to the use of machines that are not just meant for washing and scrubbing but also drying the floor at one go. The effectiveness of such machines has also been proved as they have resulted in top-notch cleaning with the use of advanced scrubbers and steam cleaning tools- all of which are ergonomically designed for achieving the best results. It is also important to wash the mop when the floors have been cleaned and washing the mops that were used previously are much labor-intensive than maintaining the machines used today. It also saves a lot of time and offers much better results along with improved hygiene. 

Cleaning the carpets is yet another crucial aspect of the hospital industry as removing soil from the carpet is big trouble for all. Cleaning the washroom, concerns for using hypoallergenic cleaners, avoiding corrosion and contamination are major factors that play a role in the hospital industry in our country. The introduction of high-end cleaning machines that are free from harmful chemicals is very effective in removing allergy issues while deep cleaning the surface. Cleaning the carpets has also become much easier even in areas with high foot traffic. 

These machines are able to sweep off solid and liquid residues easily. Their bi-directional abilities allow washing and floor suction in a two-way direction. Therefore, it can be concluded that these high-end machines have brought about several benefits to the hospital sector and many business establishments have already started reaping them.

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