Accessible Adult Change Facilities

What are accessible adult change facilities?
It is a kind of change facility and toilet that are basically for those users those who have high support requirements and their care for which they need more space, specialized equipment and more importantly the assistant to allow them to use washroom comfortably and carefully.

Accessible adult change facilities allow people to do their daily routine activities with safety and with more comfort. It basically for people those who have an acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, cerebral palsy, spina bifida as well as for many others people with any sort of disability.

These kinds of people require extra support to make the use of toilets securely. So, the Accessible Adult Change Facilities are easily accessible toilets designed for disabled people with by ensuring to meet their requirements without compromising their comfort level.

This campaign started in 2006 in the UK, and it is increased so appreciated manner that there are approx 1300 Changing Places facilities in the UK till date. Many other countries have also joined this campaign such as Sweden, Ireland, Germany and Canada.

How Changing Places facility are different from standard accessible toilets?

They might appear similar to the standard accessible toilets, but they are different. The accessible toilets offer facilities generally for independents and unassisted use. Whereas the Changing Places restroom that is assisted toilet facility for a different user group. The most major difference between them is that Changing Places facilities consist of the adult-sized height-adjustable changing table and a privacy screen.

Why it is important to have accessible adult change facility?

If it is not implemented and taken for granted then the person with disabilities are in risk and their families would be forced to take that risk because it is the only option that they have. Every human being has a right to live in this community and to access all the facilities which are available for the humans irrespective of their disability. To achieve this the facilities should be designed in such a manner that would be available for all.

Nowadays all the newly constructed buildings are also adopting the accessible adult change facility. Most of the Shopping complexes, Mesumens, theaters and art galleries, and airport terminal are equipped with this facility.

Every Accessible Adult facility place must have:

  • The right set of equipment that consists of a height adjustable adult-sized bench and a hoist system for tracking purpose.
  • It should have large space in the changing area for the specially abled person and a screen or a curtain to maintain their privacy.
  • It must also make sure to provide a safe and hygienic environment with a non-slippery floor.

“This facility is encouraging the society to consider them as specially abled instead of calling them as disabled.”

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