A Clear outline About Integrated Facility Management


To achieve success in a business, capability of managing efficient works is an important part. Although it has been proven that well maintained business atmosphere tends to bring improvement in any business. Each and every service of an office must be coordinated finely so that no complication can be found. That is why integrated facility management is the key factor to help out from this matter.

Definition of Integrated Facility Management:

Integrated facility management is a practice of all of the services of an office under an expert management team. The main objective of this management is to ensure day to day operations properly. Therefore to give a well productivity of that business, you must have a skilled, proficient, artful, quality management team to execute the wellness of the business successfully.


To be a quality service provider, integrated facility management team has to have professionally trained. There are some objectives of this team. They are transportation services such as delivering goods; telecom and utility services such as meter reading, paying the bill; corporate services; logistic services; hard services such as preventive maintenance; soft services such as guest management, housekeeping etc.

Qualities of the team:

Some of the qualities of integrated facility management team are as followed-

i) Responsible: The team has to be responsible as the team provides well versed each And every services.

ii) Responsive: The team must be responsive especially to the people around them as coordination is an important part in this management.

iii) Supportive: A facility managers must be supportive to keep constant balance among the team to make sure that the team is working well together.

iv) Knowledgeable: The team has to have a vast knowledge to execute proper services to provide success production of the business.

How the team works:

Here is a proposed model of the main areas that a team covers under the IFM.

Space and Infrastructure: Planning, design, construction, maintenance etc.

People and Organisation: Catering, Human Resource, Accounting, Hospitality etc.

Advantages: There are some advantages of having integrated facility management in your business. They are-

Increases efficiency: Using the management team of facility can increase efficiency of your business. Even this can be cut your business costs into half and helps to make you more profit.

Larger business goals: Integrated facility management can sum up all your services and tends to meet larger business goals. It can also take strategic decision and implement them quickly.

Tools and tech: The team uses industrial tools and tech to identify the current status scenario and make improvements quickly.

Conclusion: So, to make the business successful the team must create a clear communication such as keep in touch with the managers in regular basis. So that if there are any changes required in the services, that can be done quickly by the team and contractors. Therefore integrated facility management team plays an vital role to implement any project of a business successfully.

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