Portable Cooling for Facilities

When it comes to devising the building cooling assets, In India things get quiet wound up on HVAC. Now they are pretty reliable, provided they are maintained properly, however they are also machines and machines do breakup. That’s why having portable cooling systems in your building is vital. Now this is required typically for two

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Facility Management and Its Scope in India

Today’s competitive world calls for employee satisfaction, quality infrastructure and efficient management from all enterprises, however big or small. These are some of the significant prerequisite that allows a company to compete with its rivals and stand out and the situation of facility management in India is no exception to this. The market comprising of

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How can Facility Managers Boost the Productivity of a Company?

No business concern can deny the fact that the well being and satisfaction of employees play a huge role in the work culture of the staff which, in turn, affect the success of the business. A team of experienced facility manager is adept in boosting workplace productivity to a considerable extent. To be more precise,

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5 Biggest Innovations in Facility Management

In the last few years, there has been some innovative technological advancements in the world of facility management. Technology has contributed to the efficiency of the industry by reducing the chances of error and definitely, more cost effective. This is the reason why it is crucial to keep an eye on the various technologies that

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Why do we need green buildings?

What was the common idea behind all the eminent monuments built in ancient India like the Red Fort, Hawa Mahal or Gol Konda? They were all built taking into consideration the local environment and the climatic condition of the area. In the ancient times, buildings constructed in hot and dry areas came with corridors meant

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