Accessible Adult Change Facilities

What are accessible adult change facilities? It is a kind of change facility and toilet that are basically for those users those who have high support requirements and their care for which they need more space, specialized equipment and more importantly the assistant to allow them to use washroom comfortably and carefully. Accessible adult change

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Recycling Optimized for Facilities by Method

The recycling has been redesigned by modern methods to make it more efficient and useful for modern facilities. A design-oriented methodology is used by the methods to focus better on the product that provides an advantage to each and every group involved in the process of facility recycling under the guidance of experts. This is

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New Procedures Adopted by FM in the Year 2019

Lots of transformation can be seen in the services that are delivered by facility managers. A workplace is a space that provides a suitable environment for the employees to learn and grow, here the role of a facility manager is to deliver the services that give a contribution to enhancing this environment. Today the quality

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High Tech Washrooms

The traditional way of maintaining the washrooms was to prepare a checklist and instruct the staff to follow it. All the FM services are now managed digitally by wireless sensors. This technology-driven world needs everything to be done in a smart manner. Here smart means the task which is cost effective as well as saves the

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Why Should CEO’s Worry About Facility Management Services ?

One might wonder from the title of our blog post. Does CEO not have better things to worry about? Why on earth should he worry about housekeeping and maintenance service. Life at the top is really tough. You have external variables to take care of and then you have your own team. The team which

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Portable Cooling for Facilities

When it comes to devising the building cooling assets, In India things get quiet wound up on HVAC. Now they are pretty reliable, provided they are maintained properly, however they are also machines and machines do breakup. That’s why having portable cooling systems in your building is vital. Now this is required typically for two

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