Intelligent Lighting That Drives Automotive Plant Operations

In the age of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), automotive leaders like General Motors are using a surprising resource as the secret weapon for ramping up smart factory environments: LED lighting. Intelligent lighting platforms are quickly becoming the foundation for Industry 4.0. Why? First, intelligent lighting is a low-risk investment. According to a white paper

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Restroom Renovation: When & Why

If you consider a facility, from a facilities management companies point of view. Then the biggest source of complaint are the restrooms. It might look like a small thing, but facility managers really have to invest large amount of time in this small yet important part of the facility. The undying pressure of regular cleaning

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Safety Precautions At Workplace

The office is not just about the infrastructure, it is more about its employees those who work hard to take that organization at newer heights. So it is necessary to ensure that, the workplace is safe for its employees or not? The construction company should not neglect even a single crack of the wall or

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10 ways an IFM Company Can Boost Productivity At Workplace

With the ever-growing technology and workforce requirement, the role of a Professional Facility management company increases manifold times to enhance the productivity of a company. It is the Facility Management company that caters to provide the services and support to the company to enhance its core business operations. The FM works in and out with

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Workplace Kitchen Hygiene

Keeping the workplace kitchen hygienic is not only for the sake of having a good and reputed impression but also for the sake of health and safety of everyone present in the company. It increases the life expectancy and works potential of an employee which tends to efficient working process and increased productivity. In order

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How to create green program for a facility?

Building and facility managers are being asked to develop and implement programmed cleaning services within a green framework. While this may look simple, it could be reasonably complex as it guides every decision that you will make on chemicals, equipment, product, process, suppliers, and personnel. Brian Clark, CEO of FM Contract Solutions, Australia, shares a

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