5 pillars that Incorporate Automation in Facility Management Companies

There is a lot of work which needs to be managed a company so the set of people are selected to fulfill the particular responsibilities so that everyone will have some task to do and all the task would be executed efficiently. So there is a team of facility managers also in each and every organization that is responsible for the proper execution of the facilities such as security, safety, cleaning and other essential services.

Facility managers are basically responsible to manage the background to make sure that it is giving its contribution to run the organization smoothly. It consists of a set of people with desired skills that are capable to make the things done in an effective manner in an organization. But as we all know that technology is the main reason that leads to the transformation of this world. So there is always a need for change and adaptability in every field of work to cope up with the real world requirements.

In the case of facility management services, the technology plays a vital role to incorporate automation in it. An automated working system will act as a boon in this sector.

There are several ways through which the FM company can automate their functioning:

1.Centralized Web Portal
In this technology-driven world, everything is available on just one click on the smartphones. Anybody can access the desired information from anywhere at any time through the internet. Web portals can be called a subset of the internet which can be used to synchronized all the activities related to the facility management company at just one centralized location.

Every day the FM company gets a huge number of requests that might be generated by various teams such as HR team, or maybe from vendors or trainers or from clients. So it would be very hectic and tedious to address those request separately on calls and emails. Here web portals play an important through which teams can send their request and it would be quite easy to answer all the request in a more synchronized and efficient manner. The web portals are also useful for the requester as they can check the status of their request too. It actually avoids the possibility of occurrence of any type of clashes between various departments and also makes sure to avoid the occurrence of redundant resources.

2.Authorizing Requests
As there will be one centralized web portal for everyone in an organization to manage the workflow system in a better way.but in case if the facility managers need to tackle a particular project for more effective functioning of the organization the portal should be designed in such a manner that it would be capable to show the project details also. As far as the security is concerned then only authorized persons those who all are managing the project should have access rights to view and use this project details and take necessary actions regarding the project.

The portal also gives them leverage to start the project right away as they don’t need to wait for the approval for so long, everything can be done via this portal. They can send the project details and all the necessary information for the approval. The concerned senior authority can look that information and can take their decision regarding its approval.

3.Automation to ensure security
The organization usually issue ID cards to its employees for security concerns. Without this ID card, the person is not allowed to enter the premises. Here, automation can be used to issue or print those ID cards. When Company does hiring in bulk then it would become difficult for them to issue the ID cards to the freshers joining at the same date. So an automated system can be used through which the HR team can use to communicate with the facility team regarding this. All the necessary data such as the name of the employee, personal details, the designation would be communicated to the facility managers in advance and they can prepare the ID cards for the freshers in advance.

4.Vendors and Contractors
The communication takes place between the vendors and the contractors should be done with clarity and transparency. The facility team should have information regarding them prior so that they can prepare ID cards for them as well.
Also, the portal link should be given to the vendors so the request can be sent and managed easily.

5. Keep an eye on Safety Incidents
Supervisors can report immediately about the incident occurs in the facility via the portal. All these incidents are clearly visible in the workflow management tool. It also helps to conduct maintenance practices and appropriate actions for the incident happened in the scheduled interval.

The main advantage of implementing an automated system is that it provides smooth execution of the core competencies in a more effective manner.

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