Things That Can Help Facility Managers Attract and Retain Talent

Employee retention strategies can be simple or complex. Regardless, the goal is to provide public acknowledgment of high-performing employees. Simple programs include employee-of-the-month celebrations or the nomination of an employee for an industry association-sponsored award. Examples of ambitious programs are team-performance competitions, crowdsourcing and election-based awards and collaborative recognitions bridging communities or facilities within a

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Checklists for Small Business Corporate Housekeeping

Running a proper housekeeping and facilities management is tough. These are the things that every one of us in the business has to take care of when it comes to smooth operations. Entity Formation Basics Your corporate record book or files should contain: the articles of incorporation or articles of organization for a limited liability

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Why is Housekeeping Necessary for a Well Managed Workplace

Is your workplace maintained with a neat, clean and healthy environment? Who is not impressed with properly maintained premises? Housekeeping and cleanliness are closely related to the safety of the workplace. The housekeeping also reflects the safety culture of the workplace and how effective the activities are managed. Housekeeping keeps the workplace organized and embellishes

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The Dire need of an Organization: Energy Management System

An operator which manages the utility grids that helps in controlling, monitoring and optimization through a computerized system of the performance of electricity transmission/generation or both. This system which is used is termed as an Energy Management System. EMS/SCADA or SCADA/EMS is the name of the technology which is used in this. If we understand

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What is Landscaping?

Landscaping refers to renovating an open place to a beautiful garden for various activities. Landscaping modifies the view of a place to an appealing open garden. Landscaping requires flora or fauna to enhance the natural beauty of the place, also referred as gardening. Making the growing plants with appealing and beautiful looks is landscaping. It

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Facilities Management : The Global & Local Picture

Facilities management in India has come a long way since it started. However, it is still in a pretty nascent stage. Most of the sector is still being run by the unorganized players. As per techsciresearch, a premier online research portal. Indian facility management market to cross $ 100 billion by 2023. Anticipated growth in the

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