What is Smart Facility Management?

Facility management or FM is a discipline, which supports organizations to maintain their facility so as to help organizations focus on its core business. Facility management aids organization to be more effective and efficient. The ISO defines FM as the “organizational function, which integrates people, place, and process within the built environment with the purpose

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Innovative Technology For Facilities Management Part 2

Innovative Technology For Facilities Management Part 1

Technology is changing and touching every part of human existence. There is not a single sector which is untouched by it. Innovation is something which every business should actively pursue if it wants to sustain the competition. The technology is also changing the way facilities management is done. Today we would be focusing on the

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House Keeping for Healthcare Service Providers

Healthcare service is a really a very wide term. Hence housekeeping services for the healthcare sector is not a topic which can be discussed in a few words. As far as housekeeping is concerned there are many moving parts that need to be taken care of. Before we begin writing long tails about it let

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Facilities Management Part 1

Facilities management refers to that branch of management which is responsible for ensuring the proper services to the employees of any firm or company. In today’s corporate world, the employees are hard pressed against time due to the busy nature of their work schedule. The management is always hard-pressed to provide the best of the

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Things That Can Help Facility Managers Attract and Retain Talent

Employee retention strategies can be simple or complex. Regardless, the goal is to provide public acknowledgment of high-performing employees. Simple programs include employee-of-the-month celebrations or the nomination of an employee for an industry association-sponsored award. Examples of ambitious programs are team-performance competitions, crowdsourcing and election-based awards and collaborative recognitions bridging communities or facilities within a

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Checklists for Small Business Corporate Housekeeping

Running a proper housekeeping and facilities management is tough. These are the things that every one of us in the business has to take care of when it comes to smooth operations. Entity Formation Basics Your corporate record book or files should contain: the articles of incorporation or articles of organization for a limited liability

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