Why hire an IFM company for your landscape maintainance?

If we speak in the Indian context the landscaping has always been pivotal in enhancing the beauty and quality of a building. As far as our country and its culture is concerned we have always been lovers of good quality landscaping. Beginning from the Mughal Gardens to the latest and freshly constructed building’s innovations in

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How to optimize HVAC efficiency?

With the growth in advancement of HVAC technology over the last few years, the entire facility management industry is witnessing a change. A change that is for the greater good. Now facility managers are better equipped in terms of integration and interoperability. A big change factor for the industry is the growing intervention of information

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Role that an IFM plays in Supporting a Companies Work Culture

We all know that facilities management services are the real unsung heroes in a company. They bring great value to the company but often work behind the scene. This is what makes their contribution to the entire value chain of the company a little faded. However, it’s a known fact that a professional IFM company

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BIM Myths That Everyone Should Know!

India is yet to open its doors to the concept of BIM or better known as building information modeling. Its a very scientific concept and can really boost the efficiency of the entire building. It is a great model for IFM companies like us too. The reason being it helps us plan things better. With

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Trends in energy saving which every IFM should know!

This blog post is targeted both at our peers and our clients. Being into the business of facility management we are sure that everyone having the interest in facility management as a business and as a science would be aware of simple steps that can make a facility more energy efficient. Small things like replacing

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