BIM Myths That Everyone Should Know!

India is yet to open its doors to the concept of BIM or better known as building information modeling. Its a very scientific concept and can really boost the efficiency of the entire building. It is a great model for IFM companies like us too. The reason being it helps us plan things better. With

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Trends in energy saving which every IFM should know!

This blog post is targeted both at our peers and our clients. Being into the business of facility management we are sure that everyone having the interest in facility management as a business and as a science would be aware of simple steps that can make a facility more energy efficient. Small things like replacing

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Increase Productivity with the Help of Floor Care Machine Solutions

Business representation, effectiveness, and workers safety are the major factors which help in creating and maintaining a healthy & productive business environment in the automobile industry. To improving the image of the production center and maintain the safety standards on the highest level around the working area, floor maintenance and care tools are used.  These

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Facilities Management and Human Health

When it comes to managing facilities, there is only one objective in mind and that is boosting the human productivity. This has led to facility managers to think more critically about space, and how it impacts human health. A growing body of research outlines the relationships between humans and the environments they inhabit, with a

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Does India Need Green Buildings? Part 2

This is the continuation of our previous blog post. The same can be read here The blog post is about what best can Indian achieve if it goes for green buildings. Well, we have already seen the Indian context, in this part of the blog, we will see how things are already been done

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