Useful energy saving strategies to consider while reopening

While the COVID-19 pandemic reduces in severity over time in multiple waves, businesses are rethinking their reopening strategy. Naturally, the number one concern remains to be the health and safety of employees and visitors. But what are the factors that can help business owners to be energy efficient while prioritizing cleanliness and safety in the

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Reopening the workplace safely in the new normal

With lockdown restrictions beginning to lift, businesses around India are being faced with challenging questions regarding new practices and policies for office reopening. But before they open their doors to employees and customers again, organizations have to make sure that their workplace is safe so that it can be occupied with guided supervision.  As per

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The Changing Role of Facility Managers

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting organizations with a new set of challenges, there is an inherent need to evolve the workplace. The focus has shifted from revenue generation to improving the bottom line by focussing on employee-centric facilities that promote safety and wellness, boost productivity and reduce overhead costs. In such challenging times, the role

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Fluidity and Flexibility in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the change in the office structure with unforeseen additions and alterations like physical distancing, sanitizing, and use of protective masks for complying with the orders of regulatory bodies to prevent the spread of infection. Employees are still fearful of returning to the workplace until the vaccine comes to the hands

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