About Nea Life

NEA Life, a Non-Profit Organization primarily focuses on acquiring skills that will help benefit an individual’s life. By spreading the right educational base while nurturing emotional concerns, we at NEA Life provide a platform in order to awaken the strength within with our four-fold vision.

  • Imparting life skills education
  • Training to instill a rational attitude towards life
  • Emphasizing on relationship strengthening
  • Promoting the right to happiness

With the changing times and increase in competition as a whole, there comes in a need to embrace fine education, guidance and discovering the inner strength and skills. Living a happy life is not only a goal but also a long-term vision.

NEA Life strives to impart life skills education, trains to instill a rational attitude, emphasizes on relationship strengthening and builds in the inner right to each one’s happiness.

Besides the life skills training and counseling, we initiate various activities related to the sanitation, health and education. Through the concept of S, H & E, we function in constructing and improving the hygiene, cleanliness and health of students especially in schools that lack the basic factors of sanitation.

We also focus on promoting and advocating human rights and fundamental freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex and language.

Core Activities

  • Conducting seminars, events, workshops for creating awareness about emotional health, personality development, sex education and child abuse in society.
  • Organizing sanitation, health and educational and welfare programs like cleanliness for all.

We also intend to work with women for their social upliftment and betterment.